Vehicle Tracking    

Finding a vehicles’ position.
Investigators North West use vehicle tracking devices both as an alternative to or in alliance with surveillance, in order to provide the precise location of a vehicle in real time, within a matter of meters/feet…more

Covert Surveillance

One of Our most popular services.
Investigators North West use the best available surveillance equipment, our most experienced detectives, employing the latest methods, in order to complete a successful reconnaissance mission for our clients…more

People Tracing

People traced in the UK and beyond
From small piece of information, we use the available data on databases to which we have access. We also use our experience and contact network to complete the trace. Results can be obtained within 24hrs…more

Background Checking

Avoid undesirable situations. 
Background Checks are useful in a wide range of work, and even personal situations. For example checking if an employee has the qualifications they claim to, or reviewing the history of someone you plan to have a business or personal relationship with…more

Family Issue Investigations

Looking after you and yours ? 
Is securing yourself and your family the primary focus in life? Then we maybe able to help you to resolve any concerns you may have with respect to your family members.

Document and Writing Analysis

Protect Yourself against Forgery.
At many times and different circumstances, documents or signatures can be forged. Disputed writing and documents can be clarified by using handwriting, document analysis and comparison examination.

Process Serving

Papers served throughout the UK.
We are a serving facility to the legal profession. We can undertake a same day service of your process. This service can also include the collection of documents. If possible we will obtain still images and video imagery of the event.

Infidelity Issue Investigations

A completely discrete service.
If you have suspicions that you have infidelity issues such as a cheating partner, then Investigators North West are here for you. Your suspicions may well be true but how can you know beyond any doubt?

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