About Us

Supplying professional Investigation Services to NorthWest England

Operating out of the North West England area, our team of Private Investigators consist of experienced professional Detectives drawn from diverse backgrounds: for example the Military, the Police, Government services and the Legal professions. Having different and specialist, skills, backgrounds and life experiences, allows our Private Detectives to operate comfortably in a wide variety of investigative situations. 




We always fully discuss all options with our clients before we carry out any instructions. We can then propose the most ideal plan of action based on the case circumstances, and our investigative knowledge and experience. Preparing properly for an observance operation is achieved through close client liaison. We believe that the client is usually the best person to provide us with a good starting point for information and intelligence on which we can then build a framework for our investigation.


Our Detectives have the specialist investigative knowledge and wide network of connections in the North West region of England that allows them to gather information swiftly. We are specialists in the fields of surveillance and vehicle tracking,

Our Private Investigators use the skills they have learnt and the knowledge they have acquired over years of experience in performing successful investigations, to collect the appropriate specific information to detail the case in question.


Our Investigators are trained to use the latest technology in order to gather, get access to, uncover and interpret the evidence. This allows them to cope with many different types of case. Our reports  include all relevant information in a format that is admissible in court.

If a particularly specialised skill set is required we collaborate with our network of contacts throughout the United Kingdom who consist of investigative industry professionals, They are dedicated detectives and specialist investigators, trained to a high degree in their specialist investigative fields to ensure that we deliver a successful conclusion to any case

Our Investigative Technology

Our equipment includes specialist surveillance vehicles, high-resolution cameras, vehicle tracking modules, eavesdropping  computer hardware & software and covert audio or video devices These aid us in getting a case finished quickly, with accurate, dependable results