Background Checks

Providing you with the insight to make smart choices

If you need to hire a carer or nanny, or your business is hiring new employees, you are going into business with a partner, or are entering a more serious phase in a relationship; it is desirable to have a discrete and confidential background check carried out, that can tell you all you need to know about the person in question. Do they have any criminal convictions, what is their financial history. what previous relationships business or personal have they had. A thorough background check gives you the confidence to make an informed decision.

Situations which require a background check

Private Employ/er/ees

We verify the personal data of private employees such as care workers, nannies, trainers and other professionals who you may employ for their services, ensuring the safety of yourself, your family, also guaranteeing that the person is of the highest calibre.

Small Business and Government Agencies

This can form a part of due diligence, giving insight which can reduce risk and be used to check individuals for their skills, qualifications, compatibility and capability for a role or asses their financial worthiness.

International Background Check

Our specialist international investigators have extensive experience with investigations abroad so that background checks on any person from anywhere in the world presents no problem- ideal for todays skills-based, world-focussed personel recruitment market.

How we perform our Background Checks

We check and verify all the subjects’ personal details including establishing are they who they say they are ? along with confirming all addresses and contact details past ad present. We make personal contact with all relevant references, relatives and associates, and cross-check and verify all details provided. We can also check and verify any claimed academic qualifications ascertaining if they have actually been attained and by which body they were presented by. We can carry out a criminal history research check. Carry out an examination surrounding the financial background of the individual.

background checks in the real world

Using a background to learn more about the nature, character and history of the people you employ, or do business with, could avoid you from making a mistake that may harm you in the future, and guide you into making good, effective choices that promote productive relationships, in the business, private, and personal areas of life.

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