<b><u>People Tracing</u></b>

Finding the right person within the required time

Many of our clients both individuals or companies request us to locate an individual person or persons of interest whereabouts as quickly and as accurately as possible. There are many scenarios where this service is required ranging from tracing a debtor who has recently changed address, finding an inheritor of a family heir loom, tracing a witness to crime or accident for legal or insurance purposes, or it may be simply finding a missing person, friend or family member.  Our  Trace services abide to a strictly professional and ethical Code of Conduct to protect the rights of individuals and to ensure the appropriate use of information.


Debtor Trace

We provide this service to individuals, financial, local government and corporate sectors. Insolvencies, county court judgements, land and mobile phone numbers are included in a standard trace report. In addition any specifically requested information can be found.

Employment Trace

This  report confirms the employment status of your subject. Whether they are  employed, self-employed , unemployed or a company director we will issue a report that outlines their trading address and contact details.

Company Trace

Be it UK, international Ltd, non Ltd, Plc or partnership business, we compile a report on its current and historic trading status and ownership. Ltd company reports can also be provided with financial accounts, director details, outstanding mortgages and CCJ data.

Land Trace

We can provide you with land registry documents and title deeds relating to properties within the whole of the UK. A further report about area statistics and property valuation can also be provided.

We have the experience and technology to get results quickly

Our years of experience in the tracing persons field, up to date technologies and methodologies mean that we can usually trace your missing person or persons as speedily as possible. And if we can’t trace the person ourselves we utilise our nationwide and international network of experienced tracers to find the information you want be it here in the UK or throughout the world. We invest in comprehensive training and IT support, and use only the most up-to-date technology, systems and methodologies to ensure our tracing service is second to none.  Proven positive results and a professional and confidential customer service that has seen us become the first choice for tracing services

Trace, Search and Locate Scenarios

Tracing a Debt

The owner of a company who have a large amount of money outstanding on their account with you absconds without a trace. His business has folded and no matter how hard you try you can’t get hold of him.
Rely on us to perform a local, countrywide and international search , in order to find the culprit for you, with the minimum of fuss, mauximum urgency and as quickly as possible

Insurance Investigation

An insurance settlement requires a witness (es) in order to confirm how an event occured. It maybe that witnesses are available because they were close to the event at the time. Or witnesses may have to be traced through details such as number plates, or names or appearnce
Trust Us to gather the information you need to complete the insurance investigation

Missing Person

You wish to find a friend or relative with whom you have lost touch. But all you have is a photograph and the bare essential details; a name and a date of birth.You may be genuinely concerned for your friend, or the family member may be in line for an inheritance 
Allow us to find your person quickly and accurately using our advanced technology, expertise, and contact network

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