Discrete Information gathering Operation

You may find yourself in a situation either personal, private or business where you have suspicions about. Cover Surveillance can provide you with the evidence you need to either corroborate your suspicions or clear them. You must however, be in possession of all the relevant facts before you can accuse persons of any action you either disapprove of, threatens your livelihood yourself or your family or that you think is against the law. Investigators North West always ensure that the evidence, be it  photographic, video, audio or computer data, is gathered and produced in such a way that is admissible in court if it is neccessary.

Situations requiring our Surveillance Services

Relationship Issues

We are often instructed by our client to investigate as to whether their spouse is having an matrimonial affair, we set up a surveillance operation which will quickly show whether our clients’ suspicions are correct or without ground.


You may suspect a business partner or employee of theft . We can set up a covert surveillance camera in an office room or place of work so that you will have the correct evidence before you confront them.

Business Espionage

We can provide covert counter surveillance services to clients and businesses that perceive a threat to their business or corporate network such as an employee sharing classified information with a competitor. 

Our Surveillance Operatives

We provide a full surveillance service to North West England carried out by carefully selected expert and professional surveillance detectives. All of our operatives are ex-security services or ex-armed forces, they are able to utilise their skills within both the rural, urban, and suburban environments of North West England using both static and mobile techniques. So whether your situated in rural Cumbria, Kendal, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Liverpool, or Cheshire, you will benefit from our a high skilled, discreet surveillance service.


Manned Surveillance

Using high quality cameras with high power lenses we are able to initiate and complete the surveillance, gain the necessary information and photography and disappear without the subject ever being aware of our existence. 

Capturing Voices

A number of our clients want the installation of Audio Devices in private premises and private vehicles. We are experienced in deploying these out of view on private premises and also correctly in vehicles  for the best  quality of recording.

Listening to technology

We can install software programs or devices that allow the constant monitoring of a computer. They relay back information e-mails sent/received, webpages viewed or passwords used by the person on the computer

Our Surveillance Methods

We use the most advanced technology, and the best surveillance equipment available, to enable us to carry out efficient, effective and accurate surveillance operations. Depending on the circumstances of the case, we carry out surveillance operations using covert manned or unmanned vehicles, which can be deployed all over the North West of England, or alternatively if the case requires it, on foot to carry out covert close surveillance in buildings, bars, and clubs. Our covert equipment includes cameras which range from button cameras and microphones, hand held miniature cameras, to long range SLR cameras fitted with night vision. We also use remote location thermal imaging which can be used to relay imagery to mobile hand sets via GSM signals, also useful when light levels are extremely low.



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