<b><u>Vehicle Tracking</u></b>

Keeping a close eye on Vehicles or Property

There are various situations when tracking devices can provide the best solution for our clients needs and requirements.  These may include tracking the vehicles of  employees who are suspected of not behaving ethically at work, monitoring valuable mobile assets, matrimonial disputes, cohabitation proof. There are two types of of tracking systems available Involves the deployment of a passive tracker which logs all movements and when retrieved all information can be downloaded onto a computer. The second is a real time These types of trackers send their data to a server which pushes the information through to the users private online tracking console. 


Tracking Devices

This device sends GPS signals that are picked up by the GPS monitor. Its is held within a case which has powerful magnets in it, which stick the device to the vehicle.It can provide the precise location of a vehicle, within a matter of meters/feet.

Tracking Data Formats

Our GPS / GSM Tracking panel includes street-view and position data giving us accurate real-time intelligence. The evidence produced by the advanced GPS unit is followed up with a comprehensive data report.

Personalised Tracking

Our tracking softwar program allows you direct access to the tracking panel from your PC/Laptop or smart phone via a web browser. So that can get feedback from the constant monitoring of a vehicle.

Bespoke Vehicle Tracking Services

Investigators North West can install and manage real time GPS tracking on your behalf. This service will provide you with real-time feedback at any point during the tracking period, and allow you direct access to the tracking panel from your PC/Laptop or smart-phone. It will provide vital intelligence of a vehicles’ or a persons’ movements and whereabouts, recording them with a time and date stamp, throughout the UK. You may want this information, purely for your own private purposes, for business use, or to allay a suspicion in a relationship, or under certain circumstances as admisable evdience in a court proceedings

When & Where a  tracking device can be used

Business Issues

As a business owner you understand that your information can be precious. If you have a suspicion that an employee is using your information for their own gain, or to supply rivals with an unfair advantage, tracking their vehicle could separate the fact from the fiction.

High Value Protection

Fitting a tracker to a high value vehicle will aid its retrieval in the event of it being stolen. Under these circumstances the tracker can be miniaturised and concealed to avoid detection. It will also reduce the cost of your insurance

Evidence from New Tech

We have the expertise and equipment to follow a vehicles progress all over the U.K. giving you the hard evidence you require to present for relationship dispute, to analyse over a business issue, or present to court for a crime case.

More about our detailed Tracking Service

We have years of experience of fitting and monitoring tracking devices of all kinds, in a wide range of circumstances, very often as an aid to a surveillance operation, helping as to find a person of interests whereabouts.  A well positioned, correctly fitted and data managed tracking device, will provide evidence for weeks or even months after an event, for example in a theft of a high value item. When presented and explained correctly, GPS tracking evidence can make that crucial difference in a court case of this kind.

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